Furnace Creek Resort Featured in Forbes Magazine

Furnace Creek Resort Featured in Forbes Magazine

Written by: , April 10th, 2015


Our Historic Four Diamond Inn at Furnace Creek was featured in Forbes Magazine:

Inn At Furnace Creek (Part I): The Lodge That Launched Death Valley

Every hotel in a warm clime claims to be an oasis away from home. And when you get there you realize that they must have been referring to their efficient air-conditioning system. Well, I just had my faith in oases restored.

As a vital feature that you might expect of a hotel that lies smack in the middle of Death Valley National Park, the Inn at Furnace Creek is built around a true oasis. Three natural springs converge here at the base of the Funeral Mountains along the California-Nevada stateline, nourishing 1,500 date and fan palms that thrive on the hotel property, which along with its sister Ranch lodge was erected in the late 1920s…