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Employment Requirements

What We Expect of Our Employees

Must be 18 years of age or older upon arrival at The Oasis at Death Valley.

  • Must be able to produce evidence of citizenship and eligibility to work in accordance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.
  • Must be willing to work scheduled shifts including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays and national holidays.
  • We enforce a drug and alcohol-free workplace, including Post Accident and Reasonable Suspicion Drug and Alcohol testing.
  • All job offers are contingent upon successful completion of a background check, employment verification, reference checks and pre-employment drug screening.


We seek to present company employees with a professional appearance for the benefit of our guests.

  • Extremes in dress, hair and makeup are not allowed.
  • Well-trimmed mustaches and sideburns to the bottom of the earlobe are permissible.
  • Beards, allowed in limited departments, must be neatly trimmed.
  • Visible body piercing is not allowed.
  • Female employees may wear two earrings per ear on the bottom of the earlobe and male employees may wear one earring per Ear on the bottom of the earlobe.
  • Visible tattoos are generally not permitted; however, when or if they are allowed, they must be discreet and non-offensive in nature.


Uniforms, when required, are provided by the Company. However, you may be required to provide your own items of apparel that fit within the department dress code (e.g. khaki pants or black pants). Free employee laundry facilities are provided. All shoes must be enclosed and a crepe or rubber sole is suggested. Be sure to inquire when seeking employment about any special uniform requirements for the position(s) you are interested in.

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