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More Than A Roof

Lodging & Meals

Our housing is rustic, double-occupancy, cabin or dorm style. The cost is $35.00 per week. We provide; linens/sheets, towels, blankets and pillows, utilities and cable for your own TV. Company housing is not available for non-employees or pets. Spouses and/or children of working age must apply and be hired to live in company-provided housing. See next section about Employee Trailer Park for information on non-employees living on company property. Cooking in Company housing is not allowed (unless housing is equipped with an existing kitchen). Meals are provided in our Employee Dining Room. Breakfast and Lunch are provided at no cost, Dinner is $4.00 per day.

Employee Trailer Park Information & Regulations

Trailer spaces with hookups are available for rent to employees bringing their own trailer or RV. Space rental costs $46.00 per week. Children and pets are welcome in our trailer park. If you are interested in a trailer space, please note the length and year of your trailer on your application for employment. The Oasis at Death Valley policy requires that all arriving RVs and trailers be no older than 14 years to qualify for a trailer space.

As we sometimes have a reduction in available power, it is suggested that if possible, refrigerators are converted to gas prior to arrival in Death Valley. Employees must keep the area around sites neat and clean. The trailer space must be cleared of all debris upon separation.

  • No clotheslines are permitted at individual trailer spaces.
  • Power generators are not allowed to operate between 8:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. . No open fires are permitted at any location. Propane BBQ grills are permitted.
  • All vehicles must be parked within the assigned space. No vehicle repair will be allowed in the Trailer Park. Any vehicles not in operating condition must be removed from the premises.
  • Pets are allowed, however, they must be on a leash and confined to individual area.
  • When arriving with an RV or Trailer, employees will need to show a current registration for the RV as required by the State of California.
  • The Company assumes neither liability nor responsibility for any loss due to theft, fire or burglary or any other damage to vehicles, personal property or occupants. It is the employee’s responsibility to make arrangements for insurance coverage to accommodate any loss, damage or injury.

Personal Belongings

  • Bring your own alarm clock and flashlight.
  • Personal televisions are permitted and cable hook-up is provided.
  • The Company will not be liable for loss of personal belongings. We recommend that employees do not bring any valuable personal possessions.

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