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The Oasis at Death Valley offers a variety of meeting and banquet facilities that can accommodate groups of various sizes. Our conference and banquet rooms offer splendid views of the Panamint and Funeral Mountains, and the Gold Rush Room has two wood burning fireplaces. Additionally, the Inn can accommodate groups in the Boardroom for more intimate gatherings or in the Oasis Level; a unique conference area consisting of three rooms with walls embedded in borax and travertine rocks.

We are proud to introduce the magnificent Mission Gardens. Perfect for weddings, you’ll be quick to visualize a bride and groom circulating among their guests.

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Now Available: The Mission Gardens

Located across from The Inn, this new outdoor event space allows you to take advantage of the natural desert surroundings with unobstructed views, yet the intimacy of a private space.

The Mission Gardens is an environment unto itself. The authentic still art of the old California Adobe walls sport a simple white wash with stone accents from the Mojave Desert. These walls ensure privacy to the outdoor world while providing a humbling and almost religious view of the ever-changing color palette that Nature creates as the sun arches across the Valley and against these ancient mountains. At night the open-roof structure frames the heavens and guests can gaze up in one of the only designated International Dark Sky Parks in the United States. It’s here that you can actually see the Milky Way with the naked eye.

Here in the middle of three million acres of desert are trellises covered with bougainvillea flowers, partially covered outdoor shade spaces, simple detailing and beautiful landscape grounds. Seasonally, a gentle creek fed by the bubbles cascades along the south side of the garden.

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For more information or to request a quote for your gathering, call our Sales office at (760) 786-3354. To contact us via email, please use our Contact Us form and choose Sales & Marketing as the department.