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The Open Road is Calling You to Death Valley

Whether you’re taking a quick jaunt away from the bright lights of Las Vegas, a journey through the vast deserts and majestic mountains on your way from Los Angeles, or a trek through the redwoods on your way from San Francisco, a road trip to The Oasis at Death Valley will take you through an otherworldly landscape.

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Los Angeles to The Oasis at Death Valley

From the glitz and glamour of L.A., to the vast expanse of desert in Death Valley, this is a road trip of extremes. Expect endless views, a healthy dose of history and extraordinary beauty.

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Las Vegas to The Oasis at Death Valley

Located 120 miles northwest of Las Vegas, The Oasis at Death Valley is distant enough from the major cities in the Southwest to provide unobstructed view of the night’s sky, yet close enough for Las Vegas residents to escape for the weekend to experience an entirely different type of star power. Plus Las Vegas residents get a special rate!

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san francisco

San Francisco to The Oasis at Death Valley

Are you ready for an epic road trip? In a little more than 600 miles you’ll explore a world class city, visit alpine lakes, quirky small towns, two national parks and marvel at dramatic desert vistas. Let’s go!

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A Perfect Road Trip

The Oasis at Death Valley is situated in a lush oasis surrounded by the vast and arid desert of Death Valley National Park, California – just 120 miles northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada, 275 miles northeast of Los Angeles, California, and 600 miles southeast of San Francisco, California. Learn more.

Road Trip Tips

  • Travel with a face mask. Not all places will require them, but best to have a mask with you just in case.
  • Have sanitizing wipes in your car. Always good when eating fast food, but even better in today’s climate.
  • Know that you will be traveling through a diverse climate much of which is remote desert. Make sure that you have an emergency supply of water, food, and fuel at all times.
  • Know the local laws for car safety when traveling with children. For those under one year of age or under 20 lbs., a rear-facing car seat is required. For those ages one to five, at least 20 lbs., and less than 4’9, a front-facing car seat is required. For children ages five to seven and up to 4’9, a booster car seat is required. Older children should always wear seat belts.
  • Bring an extra set of car keys. You could have a long wait for a locksmith.
  • Leave room for spontaneity – you never know what you will come across!
The sun dappled Zabriskie Point at Death Valley National Park.

Visit California Road Trip Itinerary

Another take on the LA to Death Valley road trip from our friends at Visit California. The drive from Los Angeles to this majestic national park will leave you stunned by the massive scale, endless views, and otherworldly beauty.

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Inn Pool

Hidden Gems Abound on a LA to Death Valley Road Trip

Death Valley has long been a retreat and escape for Angelenos dating back to when The Inn was a refuge for the Hollywood elite. Learn more about the history of driving to our desert destination.

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Motorcycle in Death Valley

Death Valley by Motorcycle

After crossing Death Valley on a San Francisco-Las Vegas ride, actor Dennis Hopper observed it was one of the most spiritual experiences he’d ever had. Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover on a two-wheel Death Valley crossing.

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