Farabee’s Jeep Rentals & Tours

There is no better way to experience the beauty of Death Valley and Panamint Valley than with a Farabee Jeep.

Take one of their top-of-the-line, off-road-ready Jeep Wranglers through spectacular canyons, from Ubehebe Crater to the Racetrack, past historical mines, and through Badwater – the lowest area in the Western Hemisphere. Most trails in the area are moderate for easy navigation and driving, but offer unparalleled scenic views and adventure only available when you leave the paved highways behind.

Season: Winter, Spring, Fall
Location: The Inn at Death Valley

Points of Interest

To make your adventure fun and easy, Farabee’s Jeep Rentals provides:

  • Free planning for your sightseeing tours
  • Free maps and ice chests with ice
  • Driving tips & operating instructions
  • Their jeeps are new, comfortable, and off-road ready
  • Automatic transmissions & air conditioning
  • 2-inch suspension lift
  • Heavy-duty tires for the back country


Jeep rentals are available from September through May.

Tours & Rates

To get the latest tour itineraries and rate information, visit the Farabee Jeep Rental website.

Rental Policies

  • Valid driver’s license (must be 25 years or older)
  • Credit card
  • Proof of insurance that covers rental cars


Contact Farabee’s Jeep Rentals at (877) 970-5337 or (760) 786-9872 or click here for reservations.

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Insider Tips

  • No previous off-road driving experience is required, just a little bit of common sense and a thirst to explore! Proceed at your own pace, go where you want to go, and let the road unfold before you.
  • Water: During the summer, drink at least one gallon (4 liters) of water per day to replace loss from perspiration. Carry plenty of extra drinking water in your car.
  • Heat & Dehydration: If you feel dizzy, nauseous or have a headache, get out of the sun immediately and drink plenty of water. Dampen clothing to lower your body temperature.
  • Hiking: Do not hike in the low elevations when temperatures are hot. The mountains are cooler in summer, but can have snow and ice in winter.
  • Summer Driving: Stay on paved roads in summer. If your car breaks down, stay with it until help comes. Be prepared; carry plenty of extra water.
  • Flash Floods: Avoid canyons during rain storms and be prepared to move to higher ground. While driving, be alert for water running in washes and across road dips.
  • Cell Phones: Cell phones do not work in most parts of the park; do not depend on them.
  • Dangerous Animals: Never place your hands or feet where you cannot see first. Rattlesnakes, scorpions or black widow spiders may be sheltered there.