Hiking Trails

Scenic Hiking & Walking

The breathtaking scenery itself justifies recreation and guests are encouraged to take advantage of the several hiking and walking trips. Many points of interest are accessible for the casual or seasoned walker. Although formal trails do not exist, paths carved out by past travelers are easy to follow. Trips to the Harmony Borax Works and Golden Canyon are easily accomplished ranging from one to three miles.

Mosaic Canyon can be reached by a 2.5-mile walk up an alluvial fan. The sand dunes are ideal for either a casual stroll or an all-day excursion.

For the more seasoned hiker, a climb up to Telescope Peak, the highest spot in Death Valley, can be a challenge. Steep inclines make for a strenuous, all-day hike to the top.

The Oasis at Death Valley offers the perfect vantage point to explore the beauty of a region that is virtually untouched and extraordinarily distinct.

October through May, the National Park Service conducts interpretive programs at the Visitor Center located next door to the Ranch at Death Valley. Guided walks and naturalist talks are conducted daily and illustrated talks are presented each evening.

You can learn more at the National Park Service website.