America’s Most Delightful (and Necessary) Rest Stop?

America’s Most Delightful (and Necessary) Rest Stop?

Literally an Oasis in Death Valley, The Ranch at Furnace Creek is the Real Thing
DEATH VALLEY, Calif. – June 3, 2015 – Ahhhh, summer! In the 3.4 million acres of Death Valley National Park, the temperature regularly hits 120 degrees (the record is 134 degrees), the two-lane roads shimmer with mirages, the ghost towns swelter in the sun, and water, a very precious commodity in Death Valley and California these days, is scarce and precious.

Yet millions of people from around the world trek out into this forbidden, humbling and stunningly beautiful landscape. They hike, drive and even walk. They come in SUVs, RVs, on motorcycles and bicycles, and by car.

Many of them will discover, just as the Native Americas and ‘49ers did, the true American oasis that is Furnace Creek, now the home to The Ranch at Furnace Creek, where ancient glacial waters bubble up from hidden springs.

It is here at The Ranch at Furnace Creek under a grove of towering palm trees that travelers and vacationers find a general store to stock up on provisions (including ice cream), a gas station, a U.S. Post Office (Zip Code: 92328), a saloon (of course), a restaurant, a massive spring-fed pool, the Borax Museum paying homage to the famed 20 Mule Teams that also tapped these springs, and the world’s lowest (elevation) golf course. It also features 224 family-friendly rooms, an RV park and even a small airstrip.

This is one of America’s most delightful, surprising, versatile and, in many cases, necessary rest stops and outposts in the country. Even the wildlife stops here to rest and refresh – from coyotes and roadrunners to the Audubon Society sanctioned golf course that is on the winter and summer migration routes for many North American birds.

It’s also a place where the stars step and repeat – every night – given that this is one of only eight designated Dark Sky Places in the United States where stargazers can actually see the Milky Way with the naked eye.

Only two hours from Las Vegas and four hours from Los Angeles, The Ranch at Furnace Creek is one of America’s most authentic, refreshing and delightful experiences for those on the open road.

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