Water Conservation at The Oasis

A True American Oasis

Death Valley averages less than two inches of rainfall each year. Yet even here, in the hottest, driest and lowest spot in North America, is a thriving desert oasis with areas of wetland habitat – The Oasis at Death Valley. In a place as wild and remote as Death Valley, water, though abundant at The Oasis due to the natural springs located nearby, is still a scarce and precious resource here and throughout the State of California. The last three years have been the driest years in California history and the end is nowhere in sight.

As you enjoy our pools, gardens, accommodations and services of The Oasis at Death Valley, be assured that we are proactively managing water consumption. We are proud to run a gravity-fed system of natural springs for water and work hard to conserve this precious resource through a variety of on-site recycling and reuse methods.

The water from the natural springs is non-potable by modern standards (drinking water is provided to the Resort, the National Park Service and the Timbisha Shoshone Indian Tribe). The spring water flows through our operations and is returned to nature’s watershed by the sophisticated design of the Resort. We use reclaimed water for our golf course from the flow-through pools. Water is first sent to our two spring-fed swimming pools. From there the water travels to our Inn gardens and golf course ponds. These ponds in turn serve as the water source for irrigation of the entire golf course. Any of the water not used on site is diverted underground to Badwater Basin where it supports the thriving desert ecosystem and all its inhabitants. Also, the golf course has been a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary for several years based upon our efforts to care for this natural habitat. For information about bird migrations in Death Valley, click here.

We are continuing to reduce water through many practices including serving water upon request only in our dining areas, refraining from aqua-thawing during food preparation, and reducing water use for the upkeep of our luscious Inn gardens through drip irrigation and planting of native drought-tolerant species. Our guest linen reuse program saves on water at both The Inn and The Ranch. Please join us as water stewards of this remarkable place by choosing to reuse your linens and towels, shortening your shower, turning off the water when brushing your teeth, and perhaps find harmony with the desert and drink beverages without ice. Together, we can ensure that the natural oasis that is The Oasis at Death Valley continues to amaze all who visit this very precious landscape for generations to come.

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