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Inn Casitas

Located in the shadow of the Oasis Gardens’ date palms, the Inn’s Casitas offer unparalleled privacy and luxury within easy walking distance of the Inn pool.

The Inn at Death Valley

An elegant hideaway since 1927, The Inn at Death Valley is a AAA-rated four-diamond resort that still pampers every guest.

Fiddlers’ Campground

Located adjacent to the Furnace Creek Golf Course and the National Park Service Visitor Center, our RV park is ideally situated for a great stay in Death Valley.



Inn Pool Café

Featuring sandwiches, wraps, salads, sides, and assorted beverages, the Pool Café is the perfect place to grab a bite without having to stray too far from that perfect spot on the edge of the pool.

Ice Cream Parlor

The newest and sweetest addition the historic Ranch at Death Valley’s Town Square, the Ice Cream Parlor brings the old-timey soda fountain and ice cream parlor of your youth to Death Valley.

The Last Kind Words Saloon

One of the crown jewels of the 2018 revitalization efforts at the historic Ranch at Death Valley, The Last Kind Words Saloon brings the West of old to Death Valley.

1849 Restaurant

The 1849 Restaurant is located in the middle of the Town Square at the Ranch. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Inn Dining Room

The Inn Dining Room offers fine dining with stunning views of the desert salt pans and the majestic Panamint Mountains.

Blog Posts

How to Spend A Weekend In Death Valley, CA

Death Valley is often thought of as one of the most rugged locations on Earth, but the truth is quite the opposite. From October through April, the valley offers surprisingly pleasant temperatures for people wishing to escape the winter cold. And visitors will discover an amazing amount of biodiversity made possible by over 600 ponds […]

Dates and Prickly Pears and Pomegranates, Oh My!

The house-baked date bread served at the inn’s restaurant and available in the ranch’s General Store has remained a staple at the resort since the 1930s, while guests have happily sipped cooling, date shakes for decades. The Oasis at Death Valley is all about a sense of place. Set in one of the world’s most […]

Celebrate Your Special Occasion in Death Valley!

Whether you’re planning a wedding, family reunion, or getaway with friends, why hold your event at some generic big-city hotel when you can bring everyone together at a historic resort in one of the world’s most dramatic natural settings? The fact is that The Oasis at Death Valley can transform special occasions into unforgettable ones. […]

Behind the Scenes with the Historian of the Oasis at Death Valley

It would have been totally understandable if David Woodruff never ever went back to Death Valley after his first visit at age nine. His family camped over Memorial Day weekend and, not surprisingly, it was pretty darn hot. “My mom was saying, ‘Gosh, if there were only a breath of air, just a bit of […]

5 Death Valley Hikes That Should Be on Your Bucket List Now

With trails for visitors of all fitness levels, Death Valley National Park is definitely a place to explore on foot. As vast as the park may be (it’s the largest in the Lower 48), Death Valley can become surprisingly intimate when you leave the car behind and power yourself through canyons, up ridgelines, and even […]

Summer in Death Valley: How to Chill Out in the Hottest Place on Earth

In recent years, August has become the busiest month of the year for tourism at the park, beating out the nearly perfect weather months of late winter and early spring by a wide margin. Before discussing Death Valley National Park in summer, let’s first take a brief detour to a place of snow, ice, and […]

What You’ll Find on the Fabled Four-Hour Journey from L.A. to Death Valley

Find the original story posted by Los Angeles Magazine here Despite its notorious reputation as both the hottest place on Earth and the driest location in North America, Death Valley is typically overshadowed by the desert areas closer to Los Angeles. Joshua Tree is hipper and Palm Springs is posher. So when you’re out at […]

Why Basketball Icon Bill Walton Loves The Oasis at Death Valley

Death Valley is fantastic; this is like a dream come true for me. It’s everything I love. I love nature, I love the changing light, I love the desert air here. The rocks, and the water. The spring that feeds this resort is just phenomenal. Even on a chilly November morning, as an early winter […]

An Oasis of Water-Saving Measures

Although virtually all of the water gets used, any extra is released so that it replenishes the aquifer beneath the valley floor. Every drop of water is precious in Death Valley, Calif. Averaging less than two inches of rain a year, the valley is the driest spot in North America. There were even two years, […]

Rev Your Engines! Test Your Driving Chops in Death Valley

The world’s hottest location and North America’s driest spot, Death Valley is perfect for evaluating just how well cars and trucks will operate during the most extreme of summer driving. For automakers — and for some recreational drivers — Death Valley National Park is the ultimate proving ground. The world’s hottest location and North America’s […]

Cheers! A Classic Western Bar Debuts in Death Valley

With wagon wheel chandeliers and a ceiling made from ornate stamped tin panels, the Last Kind Words resembles a saloon straight out of a classic Western. Every desert oasis needs a good watering hole. And thanks to the recent debut of The Last Kind Words Saloon, The Oasis at Death Valley has a watering hole […]

The Inn at Death Valley: A Celebrity Magnet

Imagine being a guest at this hotel in the absolute middle of nowhere and seeing Hollywood royalty. Back in the golden age of Hollywood, the Furnace Creek Inn (the original name for The Inn at Death Valley) became a getaway for celebrities. A day’s drive from Los Angeles and hours from Las Vegas, which in […]

Family Fun! 10 Great Things To Do with Kids in Death Valley

10 Awesome Ways To Have Fun with Kids in Death Valley For children with a sense of adventure, Death Valley National Park is a desert paradise. With all sorts of unique creatures and bizarre landforms (even a volcano), Death Valley is a place that’s guaranteed to inspire wonder. After all, where else on Earth can […]

The New Winter Hot Spot in the US: Sun, Warmth & No Rain Almost a Given

The Oasis at Death Valley is Fresh Off of a $100 Million Renaissance Winter cabin fever? Need a warm weather escape? Want to stay in the US? Do something different and fun? Well, there’s a new destination to be discovered that is two hours from Las Vegas, four from Los Angeles and it’s toasty, sees […]

The Real Reason You Should Visit Death Valley in Winter

In winter, this place miraculously morphs into a desert paradise. And when you visit the Oasis at Death Valley — with its AAA Four Diamond Inn at Death Valley and family-friendly Ranch at Death Valley — you’ll discover a place transformed. Death Valley comes by its sizzling reputation honestly. But that’s only during summer. In […]

3 Perfect Days: The Oasis at Death Valley

With a little planning, you can catch many of the park’s highlights while leaving yourself enough time to bask in the silence of the desert and pamper yourself at the resort. So here you are, staying for a long weekend at The Oasis at Death Valley, a world-class resort surrounded by Death Valley National Park. […]

The Reimagined Ranch at Death Valley: Better Than Ever

The arrival area has been reimagined as a Spanish Colonial Revival town square, complete with new eco-friendly, energy-efficient buildings that are replacing outdated structures. Welcome to the new and improved Ranch at Death Valley. After the successful relaunch of the historic four-diamond Inn at Death Valley following the largest renovation project in the hotel’s history, now it’s […]

Family Fun! Death Valley Inspires Awe and Wonder

With nearby ghost towns, plenty of strange critters, and endless opportunities for good old-fashioned outdoor adventure, Death Valley is a place that inspires wonder. Kids just love Death Valley. With nearby ghost towns, plenty of strange critters, and endless opportunities for good old-fashioned outdoor adventure, Death Valley is a place that inspires wonder. Instead of […]

5 Iconic Sites in Death Valley You Don’t Want to Miss

For anyone who thinks of the desert as drab and colorless, just detour onto Artist’s Drive and spend a few minutes at Artist’s Palette late in the afternoon. The largest national park outside of Alaska, Death Valley National Park covers 5,262 square miles, making it bigger than Delaware and Rhode Island combined — and almost […]

The Inn at Death Valley: The Great (L.A.) Escape

For tourists looking to experience another side of California, as well as harried Hollywood types and Silicon Beach tech execs trying to unplug for a few days, the Oasis at Death Valley offers a hassle-free escape from L.A. — just an easy half-day road trip away. For all of the unmistakable appeal of Los Angeles […]

The Inn at Death Valley: Where the Old West Meets 21st Century Luxury

While the Inn’s history and Wild West flavor are a big part of its appeal, it offers more than just ambience. Where can you find the perfect balance between the historic romance of a vintage hotel and the pampering amenities of a contemporary luxury resort — in the middle of the desert? At The Inn […]

The Inn at Death Valley: Desert Dining Dream

The desert has never tasted so good. Dine here and you’ll discover one of the most memorable restaurants at any American national park. Along with marveling at sunrise from Zabriskie Point and visiting North America’s lowest point at Badwater, for many Death Valley visitors no trip is complete without a meal in the beautiful and […]

Death Valley Is Made for Celebrations

For both wedding guests and corporate employees, the historic inn offers an unforgettable getaway from the everyday, thanks to the distinctiveness of the landmark hotel itself and the incomparable setting of Death Valley. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a family reunion, or an offsite company retreat, The Oasis at Death Valley turns celebrations and meetings into […]

A Historic Desert Resort is Reborn

When regulars get their first look at the new and improved 66-room inn, they’ll be thrilled to discover that this beloved hotel, which opened in 1927, has maintained its historic character despite undergoing the most extensive upgrades in decades. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or returning guest, the recently renovated Inn at Death Valley is […]

Digital Detox at The Oasis at Death Valley

Unplug and unwind in this Death Valley National Park Setting As much as they add to our lives, social media and the Internet can also be all-consuming. No surprise, then, that taking a break from the digital world is becoming an increasingly popular trend. With so much to see and do, The Oasis at Death […]

From Vegas to Death Valley

From the clamor and glamour of Las Vegas, with its casinos, high-rise resorts, and crowds, you can escape into the serenity and solitude of Death Valley on only a few gallons of gas. If it sometimes feels like Las Vegas and Death Valley National Park are on separate planets, the reality is that these iconic […]

7 Myths About Death Valley

Plenty of people still marvel at the winter of 2005, when heavy rains filled Badwater Basin with so much water that kayakers could paddle for miles along the desert floor. Maybe it’s the ominous-sounding name, but Death Valley National Park inspires endless myths. Site of the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth and also North […]

The Good Life in Death Valley

Exploring a Land of Beautiful Contrasts To begin with, the name — Death Valley National Park — doesn’t immediately conjure visions of a lively holiday. And you’ve heard: It’s the lowest, driest, hottest place on earth. All true. But here, in one of the world’s most dramatic desert landscapes — a place of shifting sand dunes, […]

Avoid the Holiday Hangover with a Stay at The Oasis at Death Valley

The Oasis at Death Valley provides a comfortable, even luxurious base while you explore the rugged terrain of Death Valley National Park. For all the joys of the holiday season, along with the good times with family, gift giving, and all that endless eating comes a whole lot of stress. Most of us need a […]

The Oasis at Death Valley: Preserving the Past While Upgrading for the Future

How a historic gem in the middle of the desert is being re-born for modern times The renovations and modernization taking place at The Oasis at Death Valley in California represent a unique challenge. Change doesn’t come quickly in Death Valley National Park. Here, where geological time remains the standard, human impacts are minimal and […]

Till Death Valley Do Us Part

As destination weddings continue to surge in popularity, couples are increasingly looking for novel places to get hitched. According to a 2016 study by The Knot, a wedding news and planning website, destination weddings make up roughly 20 percent of all nuptials. Las Vegas, of course, remains a popular spot for saying “I do.” But […]

The Renaissance of the World’s Lowest Golf Course (-214 Feet)

This is Where Phil Mickelson Got His First Set of Left-Handed Golf Clubs; It Was a Girls Set – That’s the Only Set They Had. The t-shirt in the pro-shop features a skeleton playing golf. On the first tee, whirligigs of the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote spin in a never-ending chase at minus […]

Mining History at Death Valley

While today’s Death Valley National Park visitors venture to this remote region to marvel at the stark desert beauty and to escape into the silence of the park’s vast expanses, for well over a century prospectors and miners came here in search of treasure. There was, quite literally, gold in them thar hills (as well […]

Discover the Eerie Ghost Towns of Death Valley

When you visit the ghost towns in and around Death Valley National Park, you’ll see little more than the foundations and crumbling walls of buildings constructed more than a century ago. So don’t expect the staged gunfights and cool sarsaparillas of more tourist-oriented ghost towns. Get ready to use your imagination to bring these communities […]

Death Valley: A Geological Wonder

It’s all about the geology in Death Valley National Park. You don’t come to this sprawling desert park for mountain meadows and waves crashing against the shoreline. There are no towering sequoia trees and, except for the occasional flash flood, rushing rivers are in decidedly short supply. But if lacking many of the attractions that […]

What’s In a Name

It was William Shakespeare, of course, who concluded, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose/By any other name would smell as sweet.” But in the case of Death Valley, with apologies to Shakespeare, there’s little question that its imposing moniker enhances the legend of a place already notorious for the hottest temperature […]

Call of the Wild in Death Valley

Justly famous for its weather extremes, Death Valley National Park hardly seems like a hospitable place for wildlife. A 134˚ F reading in July 1913 earned the valley the dubious honor of the hottest place on Earth, and, with average annual precipitation less than two inches, it’s also considered the driest spot in North America. […]

One Perfect Day at The Oasis at Death Valley

The largest national park outside Alaska, Death Valley National Park in California spreads over 5,000 square miles of desert and mountains. That’s a lot of ground to cover. But during a stay at The Oasis at Death Valley — with its AAA Four Diamond Inn at Inn at Death Valley and family-friendly Ranch at Death […]

Off the Beaten Path: Explore Death Valley’s Rugged Byways

Plunging canyons, remote dunes, and dramatic landscapes await visitors While you can easily explore Death Valley National Park from its main roads, a world of rugged canyons, remote dunes, and awe-inspiring landscapes awaits visitors who go off-pavement to tour the park’s backroads. Within easy reach of the Oasis at Death Valley, these roads — some […]

Romantic Getaway at The Oasis at Death Valley

Three idyllic days of couples’ bliss in Death Valley National Park Considering its intimidating name, Death Valley National Park may not sound like an ideal destination for a romantic getaway. But The Oasis at Death Valley (the AAA Four Diamond Inn at Death Valley and The Ranch at Death Valley), with an oasis-like setting and […]

How to Photograph Death Valley’s Night Sky Like a Pro

The skies at Death Valley National Park come alive at night with an increasingly rare sight in the country: a sky filled with stars. Designated the largest Dark Sky National Park in the country by the International Dark Sky Association and rated in its highest “Gold Tier” category, Death Valley boasts a black velvet nocturnal […]

Death Valley Day Tripper

6 Great One-Day Trips from Furnace Creek Resort When you really want to get away, there’s hardly a more remote place than the Furnace Creek Resort in the heart of Death Valley National Park. But while the historic property — which includes the AAA Four Diamond Inn at Furnace Creek and the family-friendly Ranch at […]

Mules and Borax: A Death Valley Legacy

Reminders of the iconic 20 Mule Team, symbol of Death Valley, remain near The Oasis at Death Valley today Quick. Which Death Valley animals appeared at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904, attended Woodrow Wilson’s 1917 inauguration and the 1937 dedication of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco? If you answered mules — […]

A True American Oasis

Gurgling waters, date palms, and flowering shrubs make The Oasis at Death Valley stand out in Death Valley National Park When Americans think of an oasis, they conjure up images of Lawrence of Arabia and Omar Sharif, or hum the tune Midnight at the Oasis by Maria Muldaur. These exotic, romantic environments are the stuff […]

Easy Rider: Death Valley by Motorcycle

Two-wheeling it through this national park is an otherworldly experience I began riding motorcycles as a teenager and, in the years since, I’ve explored 46 of the Lower 48 states by motorcycle, took a two-wheel tour of the Alps, wrote a book about exploring America by motorcycle, followed the 1914 path of Erwin ‘Cannon Ball’ […]

Starry, Starry Night

Death Valley, the Largest Dark-Sky Park in the U.S., is Center Stage for Stargazing Less than a five-hour drive from Los Angeles, there’s a place where anyone can look up and see the universe the way everyone could 100 years ago. One of the rarest and greatest natural attractions in the United States is total […]

Exquisite Excruciation

The High-Temp, High-Stakes World of Death Valley’s Extreme Sports In 1986 I set an ambitious goal to run one mile per year. As a result, by 2012 I had completed my first marathon. As impressive as that sounds, some athletes can cover those same 26.2 miles in about three hours. Then there are extreme athletes […]

Join Our Earth Day Celebration 2016

Come be green with us on Earth Day, Saturday, April 23 from  8 a.m. – 3 p.m. at the Furnace Creek Ranch. Over 1 billion people in 193 counties observe Earth Day each year, and 2016 marks the 46th anniversary of the holiday which started right here in California. To celebrate, Furnace Creek Resort, in conjunction with […]

Low-High Golf: From Death Valley to Mammoth Lakes

How to Play the Extremes Like Nowhere Else on Earth When hardscrabble farmers working the floor of California’s Death Valley in the early 20th century decided to build a homemade three-hole course for their own amusement, they probably harbored no illusions that it would someday morph into a world famous attraction for the golf community. […]

Death Valley Could Welcome a “Superbloom” of Spring Wildflowers

Rains Can Bring Epic Blooming Season Water is precious in Death Valley National Park, especially for its flora and fauna. And the recent rains that the desert experienced could create a bonanza wildflower season this spring. Many enthusiasts think that this just may be “the year” for this spectacular phenomenon. With the recent rains, Mother […]

How to Beat the Winter Blahs at a Desert Oasis

The Oasis at Death Valley may hold the world record for the hottest recorded day (134ºF on July 10, 1913), but with January temperatures in the high 60s, winter is the perfect time to visit and explore this desert oasis surrounded by the beautiful, rugged landscape of Death Valley National Park. As one of America’s […]

If There is Life in Death Valley, There May Be Life on Mars

Celebrate the National Park Service’s 100th Birthday with the Celestial Centennial and MarsFest Symposium, April 8 – 10, 2016 in Death Valley National Park. For decades, the remarkable terrain of Death Valley has been one of scientists’ favorite stand-ins for Mars due to its arid climate and unique geology. Now the public has a chance […]

Star Wars Filming Locales Pepper Death Valley

They’re Just a Short Drive From The Oasis at Death Valley Whenever guests watch the first Star Wars movie at The Oasis at Death Valley it inevitably launches tales of when the movie’s director, George Lucas, came here in 1977 to transport people to another galaxy with the scenes he shot in the surrounding desert […]

Let the pros guide you at our Furnace Creek Star Party!

Did you know Death Valley National Park has some of the best stargazing on the planet? That’s because Furnace Creek Resort, in partnership with the National Park Service, obtained a “Gold Tier” Dark Sky Park Certification from the International Dark Sky Association. If anyone appreciates the lack of light pollution in the park it’s John […]

#HikeDeathValley with the NPS

Death Valley National Park Service has announced their second annual Hike Death Valley Challenge! Visitors who explore the National Park and hike designated trails are eligible for a free 2016 Hike Death Valley decal. To qualify, you must accumulate at least four points by hiking the trails listed below and snapping a picture as proof. Bring […]

Major Death Valley Roads Have Reopened

After October’s flash floods, hundreds of miles of park roads were closed, fortunately, the National Park Service’s road crews have finished repairing West Side Road and opened it just in time for the holidays! West Side Road, a 40-mile-long graded road that parallels Badwater Road on the west side of Death Valley, is now passable by two-wheel […]

Filming In Death Valley

Death Valley National Park has been a popular location to film movies and TV shows over the years. Located about 5 hours from Hollywood, it’s easily accessible to the major studios and provides one of the most unique landscapes in the world. Many popular films have been shot here including the original episode of the […]

Ghost Towns of Death Valley

Death Valley may seem like a vast and desolate landscape, but it wasn’t always that way. After the 1848 discovery of gold in California, the valley experienced an over 140 year mining boom. Most pioneers set out on a quest for gold and silver but were met with a notable lack of success due to […]

Get ready for a beautiful night sky this Sunday

We are in for a celestial treat this weekend! The moon will be at its biggest, brightest and most colorful! A lunar eclipse will coincide with a supermoon Sunday evening, an event that has not occurred since 1982. Since the moon will be in its closest proximity to Earth, it will appear abot 14 percent […]

The 102 Anniversary of Death Valley’s Hottest Day

July 10 marks the 102 anniversary of the hottest recorded temperature in the world. In 1913 in Death Valley, temperatures reached a stifling 134° Fahrenheit (57° Centigrade). It’s true that the valley’s desert climate is hot during the summer months, although that extreme temperature has never been repeated. Many brave tourists visit us this time […]

Celebrate Star Wars Day at Furnace Creek

  You don’t need to travel to a galaxy far, far away for the ultimate getaway—just head to Furnace Creek Resort in Death Valley. It’s been said that Death Valley National Park is like a whole different planet, apparently  George Lucas agreed. Which is why he chose to film both “Star Wars Episode IV: A […]


We’re proud to partner with the National Park Service in their Find Your Park initiative. We hope to introduce a whole new generation to America’s beautiful national parks and monuments. After all, they are America’s Best Idea! With it’s foreboding name, many visitors are surprised by the beauty they encounter in Death Valley. From wildflowers […]

Wild Flower Update 4-15-15

In late spring, when temperatures begin to rise a bit in the park, some of the lower elevation flower patches are no longer vibrant. Don’t worry though, wildflower season is far from over! Journey to the higher elevations in Death Valley National Park and you’ll be in for treat! Emigrant Canyon Road, Townes Pass and Dante’s View are still […]

Furnace Creek Resort Featured in Forbes Magazine

Our Historic Four Diamond Inn at Furnace Creek was featured in Forbes Magazine: Inn At Furnace Creek (Part I): The Lodge That Launched Death Valley Every hotel in a warm clime claims to be an oasis away from home. And when you get there you realize that they must have been referring to their efficient air-conditioning system. Well, […]